Thursday, 17 March 2011

Weekend - Christopher Pike

Published: 1986
Current Cost: Looks to be out of print now but Amazon do have various 2nd Hand copies for 1p as per link Here

Well after reading “The Whisper of Death” by Christopher Pike recently, I was rather wary about trying to read another one of his books. I don’t want to harm my fond memory of his books anymore than I already have. However, one of my readers did pester me to read and review another Christopher Pike book, so I decided to fulfil her wish. 

Anyway, "Weekend" was one of his first books published back in 1986 and there are very few supernatural aspects to it unlike some of Pike’s later books. The basic premise of the book is that there was an “accident” to a beautiful young teen who doesn’t actually die, but is now very ill. Then the very people who were with her when the accident occurred get invited to a weekend party at a luxurious mansion on the Mexican coast.  Whilst there, various strange incidents occur, and a couple of people attempt to use rather dodgy means to try and find out what exactly caused the accident. 

I have to say that “Weekend” is more of a mystery story than a work of horror in my opinion. Like all mystery novels you do end up spending a lot of time wondering about what happened in the past and what is happening now in the present.  Overall, Christopher Pike does do a good job of keeping the suspense going right until the end.

The characters within the book itself are the usual Christopher Pike fare with a mix of good looking women and smart and yet “cool” men. Come on Christopher, I want to see some variety in your characters just once! In addition to this usual mix of characters, we have main character herself who was probably the weakest of all the characters in the novel which was rather disappointing. I actually think there was better characterisation of the witch doctor type character who only seemed to be there for filler!

In addition, the aspect of the story that annoyed me the most was the ending itself! I mean, we finally find out who has been causing the issues at the weekend and who caused the “accident” that started the whole set of affairs. However, nothing happens to them, everyone seems to just decide not to tell anyone else about what happened.  I am sorry but there were cases of poisoning, exploding dynamite and other issues yet they all decide to be “nice” and not report any of it. Way too convenient and ridiculous an ending for me to take very seriously! 

In the end though, I actually enjoyed this book as a light easy read that would be able to pass the time during the bus or train journey to work etc. Also, I think it is a good entry book into the wacky world of Christopher Pike novels if you want to give them ago.


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