About Me

I am David King and my posting name is Killie which is the online handle I have utilised since I was a young 16 year old back in 1997. I'm currently a Project Manager for an Engineering firm in Edinburgh, Scotland and I enjoy spending my lunch period posting to this blog when i can.

In regards to my personal life, I have a loving wife who hates my geekiness and a wonderful daughter & son who like to make me read the same couple of books 5-6 times a day!

I hold a Degree in Physics with Space Science & Technology and therefore you may now be able to understand why the majority of books I read are more Sci-Fi/Fantasy based, I just can't escape the stereotype. However, I would like to clarify that I pretty much read anything, except perhaps Romance novels.

Now, one thing I do want to mention is that my only qualification in English Literature is my C Grade at GCSE. So as you can imagine, I suspect am going to be coming from outside the box in regards to standard book discussion but I think thats a good thing.

This blog is more for my own use than anyone else's:  I need something which will let me spout out my  thoughts to the masses. Hopefully, though I'll write some comments in an interesting and humorous way, and a few people will enjoy it.

One of the really geeky things I am going at the moment is a challenge to read all the Star Trek books in chronological order. You can either follow this journey here on or by following a dedicated blog called A Star Trek Literary Adventure.

My wife is also an author and writes under the names of Sarah L King & Sadie King. You can find out more about her novels by clicking on the relevant links above.