Saturday, 12 March 2011

My Favourite Villain - Angus Thermopyle

Have you ever read a book and found yourself hating a character hugely? Has an author created such a loathsome and vile creature that you looked forward to what you expected would be his fall? Well I read a series of books that introduced me to a character that ticked those boxes. This character would go on to become more than just a hated figure to me, he would become my all time favourite villain, be it from book, film, game or any other media.

The books in question form The Gap Series by Stephen Donaldson and I think they are also right up there as some of my favourite novels of all time. I think that my love for these books is in some part due to the villain "Angus Thermopyle" and how Stephen Donaldson actually utilises him throughout the books.

I have to admit, as I began to read the series Angus Thermopyle came across as probably the worst, most disgusting evil character I had ever read about. He did some despicable things that I have never read about in a book before or since. Therefore I wanted him to meet his doom, suffer for what he had done and the people he himself had hurt.

But Stephen Donaldson had another idea about what would happen and it is this reason that Angus will forever be my favourite villain. He basically decided that this villain would become a hero. I remember how I felt as I realised that I was beginning to feel sorry for him as the story progressed. I wanted to hate him, but I couldn't help beginning to hope that he would survive the cruel way he was being treated. I began hoping that Angus would win as he had become a victim of evil that could be interpreted as being worse that what he was guilty of.

This villain became the victim and then become a hero in his own way. I have never found myself so invested in a character before and I thank Stephen Donaldson for creating Angus Thermopyle and the story he progresses through.

In the end I won't tell you what happens to him and how it all turns out as I don't want to spoil the story, but I would advise anyone who can  to read the Gap Series of novels. They are a truly enjoyable and engrossing read!

So, who is your favourite villain and why do they hold this lofty position? Is it because, you find them funny, or are they cruel in a way you can't imagine, or is there some other reason?


  1. I started reading the Gap Cycle after finishing a book called Down in the Black Gang by Philip Jose Farmer.

    I am currently on the 4th book, and am borderline upset that I only have one book left in the series. Donaldson is by far one of my most favorite writers ever now, and I agree. Angus is probably my favorite character in the series. Probably second to Davies Hyland, just because both characters are so well used. At first I thought the whole pregnancy fiasco was gonna kill it for me, but Donaldson pulled it off and left me hooked for the rest of the series!

  2. @James S The Gap Cycle is a superb book and I have to admit I was a bit curious about the pregnancy aspects.

    I just wish there was more books set in the Universe