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Visionary of Peace (Vallar Book 2) - Cindy Borgne

Title: Visionary of Peace (Vallar Book 2)
Author: Cindy Borgne
Genre: Sci-Fi
Published: 2013
Formats: Paperback/Ebook

Available at:
Amazon UK

"Visionary of Peace" by Cindy Borgne is the 2nd novel in her “Vallar” Science Fiction series. I loved the previous novel which I reviewed here so was looking forward to reading this as soon as I received it. Whilst it didn’t grab my attention as much as the first novel, this was still an enjoyable, action packed adventure story that appealed on many levels.

Plot wise, we once again follow the escapades of Ian Connors on Mars who is now living a new life using his psychic abilities to assist the GenTech Corporation following his defection from MarsCorp as seen in the previous novel. However, after several years of stalemate, it appears that MarsCorp have obtained a new ally and seem intent on finally finishing off GenTech once and for all. And so Ian must once again work towards defeating his old faction and secure the future for Mars once and for all.

Once again, Borgne has delivered a quick-paced read that combines enjoyable action and adventure along with a tale of romance as Ian and Kayla try and make their relationship work despite the various obstacles created by distance, war and politics. Borgne has used this relationship and other elements of the story to really try and develop the characters further that what we saw in the previous novel and I appreciated this.

In addition It was also nice to see that the villains in the novel weren’t just evil, cruel caricatures. There is a depth to them as the reader can see and understand their motivations and reasons for doing what they do even if we may not always agree with them. Too often recently I have bemoaned the rather black and white nature of villains so I really appreciated that little extra shown here.

One issue I did have with the novel is in regards to the alternating first-person perspective between Ian and Kayla. It could get a bit confusing at times, especially when Ian and Kalyla were together and it would shift perspectives. To be honest, within a couple of pages I was normally back in the right frame but it did get annoying getting thrown out of the moment as I tried to re-adjust for each chapter.

Overall, this was a riveting sequel that expands well upon the world introduced in the previous novel “Seer of Mars”. The action is fun and the characters are developed further so if you enjoyed the first novel then I don’t think you will be disappointed with this entry in the “Vallar” series.


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