Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Blood For Love (The D'ot Hexalogy Book 1) - Chris M. Finkelstein

Title: Blood For Love (The D'ot Hexalogy Book 1)
Author: Chris M. Finkelstein
Genre: Fantasy
Published: 2011
Formats: Paperback/Ebook

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Blood for Love basically tells the story of a mother and son who live in a society where love is considered to be a dangerous perversion. Anyone found to enjoy the premise of love, the so called "love lovers" are sentenced to death by torture. Love is only permitted between a mother and child until the child's 5th birthday which is when both are made to attend love de-programming rehabilitation. The story covers both this love de-programming school and the subsequent results as it almost tears the family apart.

The story is actually very interesting and quite original, with the humanoid reptilian race and their society being quite distinct. However, I do have to admit that the country being called the Nation of Vengeance really didn’t fit with me as I couldn’t imagine anyone actually calling themselves this, even in this strange world that has been created. I will add here that due to the nature of the story some of the scenes are quite extreme and at times difficult to read as the violence and cruelty being conducted by both the government and regular citizens is rather vivid.

One of the issues I did find with the book was that there was a large amount of acronyms and detailed explanations that are thrown at the reader in the first few chapters. They are required due to the fact that the author has created a whole new vastly complex world that needs explaining but I think it did make the beginning of the book feel a little bit disjointed.

In regards to the characters, the mother named Martha has been well-developed and shows quick wits throughout the book that help to enhance the story. The son named Jan is at times rather endearing in the way he faces the challenges before him, however I did find him to be utilised many times as a vessel for the various visions and religious aspects that were driving on some of the plot which I felt weakened his overall development. The other characters in the book are utilised well by the author to support the main two characters and each one is developed in a manner that helps enhance both the plot and the world that has been created.

In summary, Blood for Love is a very unique and exciting fantasy adventure with a novel storyline that should appeal to anyone looking for a unique experience. I would just note that any potential reader should be wary of the more brutal and violent scenes within the book. I suspect I will read the follow up book to this when it is released as I want to know where the plot and characters are going to go next.


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