Friday 27 May 2011

Family Forever Friday (2)

Family Forever Friday

One of the blogs I follow, E&K Family Book Review have is running a Meme and I have decided to take part.  It’s called “Forever Family Friday” and each week KW will post a question for us to answer that will hopefully tell everyone a little bit more about the bloggers taking part.

This week’s question is:
Either as an adult or a child, What has been your favorite Family Vacation?

I have to admit that I love visiting Orlando, from going as a child to going as an adult now, every visit seems to be great fun. So whilst I have loved every trip there, the first one currently has to be best as I was just gob-smacked as a young child about how amazing it was to have all these theme parks and restaurants everywhere. There is so much to do there and at times I wonder what it would be like to go now as a young child again considering it is even bigger than it was when I first went.

As a note though my wife and I now have plans to go there for our tenth wedding anniversary and making it the first time our own children (assuming the 2nd one ever decides to pop out my wife and say hello) will get to go. Therefore, I expect the future trip with my own wife and children may one day become my favourite family vacation as I will love seeing the faces on my children. Especially considering I remember how I felt when I first went and visited all the places there.


  1. It would be fun to go to Disney World!!! Hope your future plans work out!

  2. It is truly magical when you get to take your kids to a Disney Park! My kids had the time of their lives on our trip to Disneyland and it was just as magical as I remember it being for me when I was a kid!