Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Books I Want To See Made Into Movies

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish which I am taking part in.

This week's listing was difficult because I must have read loads of books over my lifetime that I always think would make a great movie or mini-series. Anyway, I did have a go at cutting it down to a top ten.

The Subtle Knife / The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman.
I really enjoyed the "His Dark Materials" trilogy and actually enjoyed the first movie they made as well even if they did cut to much of the religious aspects out. I wanted to see the story continued in the movie media but I think based on the receipts of the first one it won't be happening.

The Gone Series by Michael Grant
The story in these books can get dark and depressing, but yet the novel also has kids with super powers thrown in as well. I just think these books would make cracking movies as they have so much happening.

Raise the Titanic by Clive Cussler
This film has been made before but I want to pretend it didn't exist and have it re-made as it should have be done. I mean, how can you make a movie about re-floating The Titanic with fun and adventurous characters such as Dirk Pitt and make it suck?

Wicked by Gregory Maguire
I loved this book; it just opened up the world of Oz to be seen from another viewpoint. The musical also captured my heart so I think a movie would do the same.

Magician by Raymond E. Feist
The first book in the massive Riftwar saga and one of the most enjoyable fantasy novels I ever read. I could have picked loads of fantasy novels but I think this one just covers everything, especially if it led to more movies in the saga.

Under The Dome by Stephen King
I have recently read this book and I found it very clever and engrossing. I think that if you got a good ensemble cast involved, it could be made into a great film.

The Night's Dawn Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton
I suspect these would need to be turned into more than just a trilogy of movies. These books have sci-fi, adventure & possession all rolled up together. We need a great Sci-Fi trilogy in the cinema sooner or later and this series has elements that could also appeal to non the Sci-Fi fans.

Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove
I think that people would also like to see Shakespeare the freedom fighter in a world where the Spanish Armada defeated the English and invaded. In all honesty, I have also longed to see a good old alternative history drama and this one would also appeal to the love of Tudor period England that is out there these days.

Debt of Honour by Tom Clancy
There has always been issues with making this into a film since the 9/11 attacks but I have always wanted to see the continuation of the Jack Ryan stories being made into films.

Armageddon The Musical by Robert Rankin
Quite simply, this is a funny novel and I mainly just want to see how a director would bring "Barry The Talking Time Sprout" to the screen.

Anyway, lets here what you all think! I suspect a lot of what you guys say may also be on my list but I did have to pick a limited 10!


  1. I liked your list. I would love to see His Dark Materials finished too. Such a shame that they decided not to.

    You are the second person I have saw pick Wicked. I loved that book. Would only want to see it if it was a close representation of it (I understand the musical isn't although I would still like to see that too). I picked a Maguire book too, Mirror Mirror.

    I Also picked a Peter F. Hamilton series. Would love to see the Nights Dawn Trilogy but I have a feeling the possession aspect could turn into a spoof (am thinking of Al Capone) and I would hate it if that happened.

    I'm afraid I couldn't get the Simpsons movie out my head when reading Under the Dome. I fear I would be the same with the film.

    Fantastic list.

  2. sounds like a lot of them would make some great mini-series movies. Kaye—the road goes ever ever on

  3. I will always be in support of more Dirk Pitt movies!

    Also, hope you enjoy Doomsday Book.

  4. Fun list! I usually want to see action or fantasy books as movies too. Do you think Gone might make a good tv series? I bet it might be popular as Lost was.

    His Dark Materials is a great trilogy-- I'd like to see the rest of it made into movies too.

    Oh, I like Feist-- I read the serpent war saga and Conclave of the Shadows trilogy. Do you think an animated series would be good of these books? the Wheel of Time series on my list is so massive that I can't see it as anything but an animated series.

    Wicked isn't one of my faves but one of my co-bloggers picked it for her top ten book to movie wish.

    come check out our top ten when you have time!