Friday, 20 May 2011

Family Forever Friday (1)

Family Forever Friday

One of the blogs I follow, E&K Family Book Review have started a new Meme and I have decided to take part.  It’s called “Forever Family Friday” and each week KW will post a question for us to answer that will hopefully tell everyone a little bit more about the bloggers taking part.

This week’s question is:
What is your most embarassing moment as a kid?

I have to admit that at first I found this hard to answer, I have probably tried to block any embarassing moments from my memory for obvious reasons! However, the one that still remains lodged in my memory is a little bit disgusting;

I must have been around 14 and was at school during a Design & Technology class. I had been feeling pretty bad all day and had actually followed through earlier in the day when I passed some gas. So I was standing there with toilet paper down my underwear praying that no one could smell anything. Then my body just decided it had enough and I managed to throw up all over the floor & work bench. So I was standing there throwing up in front of the entire class whilst also trying to stop my bowels from moving. The school ended up having to get my mother to come home from work and I had to explain to her the accident in my underwear, which for a 14 year old was embarrassing in its self. Upon my return to school several days later, I then had to face embarrassment due to the vomiting, I am just glad that this was all my class mates were aware of.

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