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Salvation (Altered Realities Book 2) - Weston Kincade

Title: Salvation (Altered Realities Book 2)
Author: Weston Kincade
Genre: Fantasy
Published: 2013
Formats: Ebook

Available at:
Amazon UK

"Salvation" is the 2nd novel in Weston Kincade’s Sci-Fi/Fantasy series known as “Altered Realities”. If you haven't read the previous book then I do advise that you avoid reading this review as some of my commentary is likely to include some spoilers due to this novel

Anyway, the story follows on directly from “Invisible Dawn” with Madeline and her colleagues continuing to travel across multiple dimensions in their continued attempt to evade Leodenin, the PASTOR agent that has consistently been on their trail. However, Madeline soon realises that the only real way for them to escape is to take the fight to PASTOR itself and before long a daring plan to strike at the heart of PASTOR is put into motion.

As with the first novel, there is an enjoyable blend of Science Fiction and Fantasy throughout the story with alternate dimensions, vampires and psychic powers all being utilised in an entertaining manner. The fast paced action sequences also really keep the fun factor high which is complemented by some interesting and varied worlds.

I enjoyed the characters that were introduced in the previous novel and Kincade has continued to develop them well in this novel. We get to understand their thoughts and feeling on a deeper level and also get to learn more about them and the various powers they have. This helped ensure that there was a feeling of character growth within the novel as well as action and adventure.

The think I really appreciated with this novel is that Kincade gives us a much better ending than what was seen in “Invisible Dawn”. Yes it is still open ended to an extent but at least the overall story of this book was concluded in a manner which left me satisfied enough but still wanting more which wasn’t something I could say when I finished the previous novel.

Overall, I felt this book continued the enjoyable and action packed story that was started in “Invisible Dawn”. As with its predecessor it was difficult to put down, but this time I felt much more satisfied when I finish the book. If you have read and enjoyed the previous novel then I am happy to say that you shouldn’t be disappointed when you read this.


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