Thursday 29 August 2013

A Star Trek Literary Adventure

Since October 2011 I have been on a mission to try and read every Star Trek novel in chronological order which is now probably the most common reason for visits to my blog.

I therefore decided that this challenge deserved its own blog which I have now just started and is entitled A Star Trek Literary Adventure. So now, people who follows this blog and are only really interested in the Star Trek sections can just read that without the distractions of my other literary delights.

Don't worry though if you enjoy the mix here as I will continue posting the reviews here as well. There is just going to be a specific home for Star Trek related elements and it is going to be several months before I get new reviews on there as I am going to be adding the old reviews first.

So if you want to go give it a gander then feel free, I even set up its own twitter, facebook and google+ site because I really was that bored at lunch time today!


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