Wednesday 5 September 2012

Challenge Complete - 2012 E-Book Reading Challenge

To make a dent in my collection of Ebooks and see how quickly I could actually complete the challenge. Check out my pre challenge post here!

Mega Level = 25 Books

I completed the final book of the challenge in August which has enabled me to make a dent in my reading pile.

However, in my kick off post I also targeted completing this by May which means I failed this sub challenge hugely! I blame getting distracted by other novels.

I've read-

Hide & Seek
Thomas Kaplan-maxfield
Port of Errors
Steve V Cypert
Thomas K. Carpenter
Enterprise: The Expanse
J.M. Dillard
Christian Cantrell
This Dark Magic
Chryse Wymer
Enterprise: Last Full Measure
Michael A. Martin
Fezariu's Epiphany
David M. Brown
On Dark Shores: The Lady
J.A. Clement
Enterprise: Daedalus
Dave Stern
The Eyes of the Dead
G.R. Yeates
The Last Man of Earth Club
Paul R. Hardy
Enterprise: Daedalus's Children
Dave Stern
Brave New World
Aldous Huxley
Known Afterlife
Trey Copeland
Enterprise: Rosetta
Dave Stern
Shadowing: A Henchman's Tale
Kat Zantow
An Epitaph for Coyote: A Novel
Bryan R. Dennis
Runing Wide Open
Lisa Nowak
Fires of  Alexandria
Thomas K. Carpenter
Terminal Departure: A Cleo Matts Novel
Joe Crubaugh
Enterprise: The Good That Men Do
Andy Mangels & Michael Martin
Foundation for the Lost
Scott Rhine
Waiting For Daybreak
Amanda McNeil
Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru
Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels

There is quite a range of genres included above and the challenge really highlighted how traditional published authors and self-published authors are trying to embrace the ebook marketplace.

Even though the original blog that hosted this challenge shut down, I have continued on and am happy that I managed to read the number of books required a few months prior to the end date.

For now though my ebook reading most continue apace because I have another Ebook Reading challenge on going with an even higher target.


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