Friday 5 August 2011

Book Blogger Hop #4

Book Blogger Hop Book Blogger Hop is a weekly meme hosted by Crazy for Books

This week’s question is;

“What is the one ARC you would love to get your hands on right now?”

It would have to be "Initiate's Trial" by Janny Wurtz, which is the 9th book in her "The Wars of Light and Shadow" saga and is due to be released in October. It was 2007 that the last book was published and I actually thought it would be the end of the saga which was probably foolish of me! Either way, I am looking forward hugely to reading this book as it has been a long time since I visited that world.


  1. My book is the 12th in a series that I've been following now for almost 20 years. :)

    One month and one day from today's hop, the book I'm highlighting comes out. Come see which book I'm talking about.

  2. Just hopping by! I've never heard of this series. I'll have to google it to see what it's about!

    Here’s my Book Blogger Hop!