Wednesday 29 June 2011

The Book of Awful - Romi Moondi

Title: The Book of Awful
Author: Romi Moondi
Genre: Humour
Published: 2011
Formats: Ebook

Available at:
Amazon UK
Barnes & Nobel

I was looking forward to reading this when the author contacted me about it, it sounded amusing and I do quite like humourous essay collections similar to this. Happily, I did enjoy it and as I read through it, I couldn't help but laugh out loud and quote vast sections to my wife with a grin on my face. I enjoyed this book so much that I have now decided to be a devoted follower of the author's blog in the hope that it will be full of similar wit, sarcasm and humour.

This book is supposedly a parody of “The Book of Awesome” which I had never heard about before so can't actually confirm how well it actually parodies the book. Either way though, what this book does do is outline one possible awful scenario after the next in rather comic fashion to demonstrate how much worse life could be if any of these scenarios actually occured. My favourite scenario in the book is in regards to what would happen in Unicorns really existed. I am not sure if anyone else has ever truly understood the possible pitfalls of Unicorns but Romi Moondi has done and her descriptions made me realise that we are much better off without these majestic creatures in our lives.

As I said at the beginning of this review I laughed out loud many times whilst reading this book. The superb wit and sarcasm used by the author really tickled my funny bone, but I have always loved sarcasm and biting humour such as this so it isn't really a surprise. In addition to the style of comedy being employed however, it was also written very well, with good descriptive writing on show throughout to really give you a rich and vivid picture of the scenario being presented.

In conclusion, if you enjoy sarcasm and wit and are fed up of some of those motivational books out there that try and tell you why everything around you is fun and wonderful then go and pick this up. It is honest, funny and explains that the reason you should be happy in life is actually because things could always be a lot worse and not because something like flicking snot across the room or rubbing a freshly laundered pair of undies in your face is actually good which seems to be what some books and blogs tell us. Or to be precise, "The Book of Awful" would probably have been telling us that these things are good because in another world snot could actually be acidic and burn through your nose or laundered undies could be a cause of sterility and therefore end humanity.


  1. Oh, yes - this sounds like my kind of book! Thanks for sharing. BTW, have you been having as much trouble with the blogger site as I have?

  2. @Mary Fagan

    It was an amusing book that had me laughing a lot.

    As for Blogger, no real issues to be honest for me. What problems have you been having? If you can say I might be able to test it out.

  3. I bought this book a while back and enjoyed it very much - so much that I featured it on my blog at Indie Snippets. I sent you an email regarding another humorous book you might enjoy.

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  5. I liked this review, made me want to read this.
    I have a book similar to that in that it has a lot of biting satire that you might be interested in. I will email you about it.
    But nice site :) Don't see very many male reviewers online, and I have a preference for more "male" books. Nice background photo too.

  6. @Alina

    I look forward to hearing about what this other book is then!

    Also glad you enjoyed the review and I had noticed there are not many male reviewers out there. No idea why really as I know just as many male readers as female readers.