Sunday, 3 June 2012

Amped (Wired Book 2) - Douglas E. Richards

Title: Amped (Wired Book 2)
Author: Douglas E. Richards
Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller
Published: 2012
Formats: Ebook

I enjoyed Douglas E. Richards previous novel "Wired" which I have already reviewed here. So I was really looking forward to reading its sequel, "Amped" which like its predecessor promised to be another fast paced sci-fi thriller. I was actually very curious to know where Richards would take the story as I actually felt that "Wired" had a relatively decent and complete enough ending.

The story follows Kira, David and the rest of the team who survived from the first book as they attempt to create a network of scientists that will use Kira's intelligence-increasing drugs to develop new ideas that will benefit humanity. However, even though they have been in hiding someone out there seems to be aware of their existence and is now trying very hard to locate them. As the tension mounts and the cat and mouse chase continues it becomes almost impossible to work out who is telling the truth and who actually are the good and bad guys.

I found that "Amped" felt very similar to its prequel both in style and plot which was fine by me as I did like "Wired" after all. Richards has once again written a thoroughly enjoyable novel that incorporates an incredibly fast pace with a thrill infused, roller coaster of a story that will keep most people glued to the book all night long. However, there is more than just action and thrills in this novel and I really enjoyed reading the conversations that occurred between the various individuals. These engaging and intellectual discussions could at times be quite enlightening as they covered philosophical, ethical, scientific and religious issues.

I feel that the biggest weakness of the novel is in regards to the similarities of the plot between "Amped" and "Wired". Once again the story revolved around a hidden mastermind trying to locate Kira and friends using governmental types that had been duped into hunting them down. The story also included the similar elements of mistrust between Kira, David, Matt, etc. I will add that there was a nice side story in regards to an alien encounter but I don't think there was much else new. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed "Amped" but most of it just felt like a re-hash of the same elements covered in "Wired" and therefore it didn't really offer me anything new.

Overall, whilst I found the plot to be a little bit too similar at times to "Wired" this is still a thoroughly enjoyable and interesting novel. The fast pace and action packed elements really complimented the various thought-provoking discussions that occurred between the characters and ensured the reader was both entertained and engaged intellectually. Both fans of the science fiction & thriller genre should find something enjoyable within "Amped" and I would therefore recommend that they add it to their library.

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