Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Read Because Of The Cover Or Title

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish which I am taking part in. 

This weeks Top Ten was in regards to books I have decided to read because of the cover or the title. I usuall use the synopsis to pick a book although I do admit covers & titles can pull me in so that I do actually read the synopsis and then decide to read the book. Anyway, the books I have read because of the cover or title are listed below;

Star Trek: First Frontier by Diane Carey & Dr. James I. Kirkland
This Star Trek book had what looked like a dinosaur on the cover alongside Kirk & Spock, I just couldn’t resist Star Trek & dinosaurs so I picked it up. A rather simple reason for buying a book but when there were so many Star Trek books out there it felt like as a good a reason for reading this one over any of the others.

 Monster by Christopher Pike
I have spoken about Christopher Pike before and how his books got me into reading. This was actually the first of his book I read and it was the simple title that attracted me as I wanted to read a horror book and at least I knew that this book would probably have monsters in it.

The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton
The title of this book didn’t actually appeal to me much, however the cover seemed to have loads of spaceships on the front and I assumed it could be a big Space Opera styled story. I was actually correct and since this book I read Peter F. Hamilton books no matter the title or cover.

Chernobyl by Frederik Pohl
Quite simply I was interested in Chernobyl, and the title of this book implied it would be about Chernobyl so I picked it up.

2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke
I will admit that I had already seen the movie, but this superb cover art persuaded me that I had to read the book as well.

Ruled Britannia by Harry Turtledove
This title attracted me as it was an interesting take of the saying “Rule Britannia” and I was intrigued in the thought that this book would about a conquered Britain.

Under The Dome by Stephen King
This cover is stunning in my opinion, I would probably have read this book anyway as I do read Stephen King but when I saw this in the library I just couldn’t resist picking it up then and there.

Armageddon: The Musical by Robert Rankin
Quite simply, the title of this book intrigued me; any book that tried to make fun of Armageddon by calling it a musical sounded like it might me funny.

I only managed 8 it seems, but why don't you all tell me some of the books you have read due to the cover or title.