Saturday, 11 June 2011

Should I Use A Rating System?

I read plenty of other book related blogs and I note that the vast majority of them seem to have some sort of rating system for book reviews. On my blog I don't post any sort of rating and I wonder if it would add anything to my reviews to actually do so. As it is, I do currently post shortened versions of my reviews on Smashreads, Goodreads and Amazon UK and use their 5 star rating systems but that is mainly just because the option is there when I post my review.

Currently I try to actually detail my actual thoughts and opinions of a book in any of my reviews. My aim has always been to try and point out what I think is good or bad in a novel and why I reached that opinion. I don't post a rating because I sometimes think that putting a rating down can almost limit what you are actually trying to say in your review.

However, I do know some people who like to quickly check out a rating first if they are skimming for something to read. It will grab their attention so that they decide to read the review or not. This works for both good and bad ratings as some I suspect some people also enjoy looking out and reading low rated reviews and ignore the high rated.

In the end though, I suppose the best people to ask are the people who read this blog. What do you all think? Should I add some sort of rating system to my review or is this not needed?