Thursday, 5 May 2011

Motorworld - Jeremy Clarkson

Title: Motorworld
Author: Jeremy Clarkson
Genre: Humour
Published: 1996
Formats: Ebook/Hardback/Paperback

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For anyone who doesn't know, Jeremy Clarkson is a presenter on the popular BBC programme "Top Gear". He is opinionated, arrogant and doesn't hold back; indeed there are many people out there who can't stand him at all. However I have always found him to also be rather funny and I like the fact that he doesn't pretend to be something different, you always get what you see.

In regards to the book itself, from what I can ascertain, Motorworld was his first published book and is based upon the 1995 BBC television series of the same name. It is basically a collection of his opinions on the driving habits and car cultures of a few different places around the world. As always, he doesn't pull any punches and is sometimes so politically incorrect that it is unbelievable he actually got it published when you consider the PC times we now live in.

I will admit that at times it seemed a little bit too exaggerated and some of the comments did come across as being rather misinformed. The chapter about Australia is the section I think about the most in regards to this, it just seemed so outlandish and ridiculous. This type of thing is why I never class anything by Jeremy Clarkson as strictly Non-Fiction, some aspects are factual but there is so much that it basically just embelishment. However, this is the way that Clarkson always seems to write and it is probably part of the reason why so many people find him amusing.

I want to add here that I think the book will be a good read if you are someone who has little time to read and just wants something to pick up and read in short bursts when you can. This is because each chapter is independent of each other and you therefore won't feel like you are interupting the flow of the novel when you put it down. This seems to be common for Jeremy Clarkson books and it is probably why they always seem to be on sale in UK airports.

Overall, I found this collection to be funny and laughed out loud several times, although I do think that it is probably my least favourite of his books that I have read. To be honest, I am not sure why exactly, but I think it may be due to the age of the collection as some of the comments he makes about various places no longer match what I think the places are actually like now. Either way though, if you like Jeremy Clarkson then you will find this collection funny and if you don't like him then you will hate it.