Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors That Deserve More Recognition

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish which I am taking part in.

Okay, I have to say that I really struggled with this week top ten list. For example, one issue I have is that some authors I love are well known in Sci-Fi or Fantasy circles but are unknown outside of readers of that Genre. So, defining a level of recognition is rather difficult.

Anyway, I shall do what I can!

1) Stephen Donaldson (The Gap Series)
To be honest, I suspect that Stephen Donaldson is quite well known, in Fantasy circles due to the Thomas Covenent series. However, I think he deserves more recognition on the Science Fiction front for The Gap series of novels. This series is my all time favourite Sci-Fi collection and sometimes I find that Stephen Donaldson gets forgotten about amongst the followers of Peter F. Hamilton, Alistair Reynolds, Iain Banks, etc. So to any Sci-Fi reader out there, go give The Gap series a chance. I also think any other who can create a character like Angus Thermopyle and make you feel something for him as I discuss here deserves huge credit.

2) Janny Wurts
I know quite a few people who have read the Empire Series that she co-wrote with Raymond E. Feist. However, I think her individual work can get forgotten about at times. The Wars of Light and Shadow is a superb series of epic fantasy novels that any fantasy lover should try and read.

3) Michael Grant
I am assuming that plenty of YA readers have heard of this author although I have rarely seen it mentioned around blogs so maybe he isn't ever than popular amongst YA readers. Either way, his Gone series is a superb set of novels that I found hugely enjoyable. I try my best to make sure that other people do try and read them. It can be hard though because a lot of the people I know tend to see a book being defined as YA and think it will be a very juvenile story, which I think is far from the truth.

4) Robert Rankin
I find his style of humour and wackyness to be very similar to Terry Pratchett and therefore I am always surprised that hardly any of my Pratchett reading friends have actually heard of him. Anyone that writes a novel about a Time Traveling Brussels Sprout called Barry really needs to be read by more people!

5) Stephen King
Recognition here is not in regards to the recognition of his name as I think plenty of people have heard of Stephen King. I just seem to hear lots of people poo-hoo his stories, they imply that he just churns out standard horror books with little thought etc. Well I am sorry but he deserves way more recognition than that for some of the books he writes. "The Stand", "Under The Dome" & "The Dark Tower" collection are all complex and compelling reads that are much more than just a mundane horror novel.

Okay I have made it to 5 and now I am going to give up as I am struggling to think up some more. This is the first top ten list I have failed to complete and that annoys me but I can't spend my entire lunch break thinking about what else to add. I do have to eat after all!

Anyway, as always let me know if you can think of any authors that deserve more recognition. If you do have any interesting ones I may have to go check them out myself and maybe help you try and get them read by more people.